wholesale vitamin C  tablets

Brand: UWAYS
Item: wholesale vitamin C  tablets
Specification: 1200mg/tab*60tabs/bot
Dosage: Tablets
Suggested Dosage and Usage: 1 tablet daily
Main Ingredients: Hawthorn Berry powder, Vitamin E
Storage: Store in dry, cool and dark place
Notice: This product can not instead of drugs
Main Function:
Vitamin C: increase collagen production in your skin, brighten skin tone and make skin white and beautiful. Vitamin P can maintain blood vessels healthy. Improve immunity, prevent colds, contribute to the absorption of calcium and iron and inhibit lung tissue damage from smoking.
Vitamin E: delay aging, whiten skin, enhance liver detoxification, and process the daily toxins derived from alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
Recommend for: People easily get cold with low immunity; Dry skin and women with fleck; Lack of Vitamin C&E; Gum bleed and canker sore; Smokers.


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